10 ideas to decorate your spa

Having a spa at home means enjoying a privileged space at home. Good bye nuisances, muscular tensions and stress. Hello serenity and relaxation! As a haven of peace, your spa deserves a custom decoration to create the atmosphere that suits you and soothes you.

Here are 10 ideas to decorate your spa!

The Mediterranean earthenware wall

The Portuguese Azulejos mosaics, the Moroccan Zelliges, the Andalusian faiences… so many sunny inspirations that inspire us a dream hammam.

Tip: for more modernity, mix the earthenware with marble details.

The wooden ladder

To lay your fouta or your hammam sheet, the wooden ladder is the trendy and inexpensive detail of the moment. It can be used as a towel dryer and in combination with other spa accessories. The idea is to modulate the space in a practical and refined way, to stay in a place conducive to relaxation.

wooden ladder

Silver hammam bowls

The hammam and the spa are two worlds close by their use and their rituals. The silver hammam bowls, useful by nature, can be combined with candles and lanterns for a sifted atmosphere 100% chic.

Wooden walls

Natural and timeless, wood interferes with interior spas in style. In light or darker shades, it adapts to various decorative styles: bohemian, vegetal or ethnic for example.

Plants for a “jungle” atmosphere

Tropical plants, greasy plants, cacti… To decorate your spa, you can create your own garden of Eden by varying species and sizes.

Slate, ecological and Zen

Light grey, anthracite, black… slate is the promise of a natural and chic spa that lasts in humidity and allows a cosy atmosphere.

Stones and flowers for colour

Flowers floating, stones at the edge of the bathtub: in perspective, colour! For flowers, choose your favourite varieties and let them float as you wish. On the stone side, find out about the properties of the stones you have near your spa. For example, amber, pink quartz or white opal will have a radiation conducive to inner calm and comfort. On the contrary, citrine, jasper or sunstone are more likely to energize you.

wooden accessories

Wood accessories

The wood can interfere in your spa for a rustic and natural effect in the air of time! A bench, containers, a massage brush, candles, decorative objects… do not skimp on details!

The rustic soap basket