Bathroom: the keys to a successful renovation

Bathroom renovation is a technical step that requires taking certain two essential aspects into account: space and equipment. A look back at these critical points to ensure the success of the renovation work. 

How to successfully renovate a bathroom? The transformation of this highly technical part requires proper planning in advance. Indeed, it is necessary to think about the layout of the water room as well as the choice of equipment: tiling or not, taps, and other things. A few ideas to better consider the renovation of your bathroom.

Bathroom renovation: choosing the right materials

The choice of materials is the other sensitive point in bathroom renovation projects. As it is a wet room, they must be resistant and if possible waterproof. The ideal solution for bathroom flooring is still tiling.

However, choosing this covering, both on the floor and on the walls does not necessarily mean that you can forget about specific decorative desires. Thanks to material imitation tiles, the tiling easily takes on the appearance of wood, concrete, and other more fragile materials! However, we should note that although the tiles may be very resistant, their implementation must be meticulous, especially in wet areas such as showers, bathtub and sink coats.

Careful installation, especially of the joints, is, therefore, necessary and it is strongly recommended to use a professional tiler if you are not a very skilled handyman. As far as the materials to be laid on the floor are concerned, other options than tiles are possible. Some floors are water-resistant, naturally or by treatment. Once again, a bathroom renovation specialist can advise you on the use of a type of flooring in the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation: optimizing space

When renovating a bathroom, don’t neglect the practicality of the bathroom. In a small bathroom, multiplying suspended or vertical storage helps to save space.

Small 35 cm basins placed on a piece of furniture are particularly suitable. In large spaces, we can install many comfort elements: traditional washbasin on a column for a retro style, a double basin for a duo use, design or traditional towel holder, bathtub with balneotherapy system.

In all cases, we must establish a specific plan. It takes into account the dimensions but also the water inlets, air vents, the direction of the openings. If the renovation of the bathroom is part of a renewal of the entire house, using an interior architect will give you an expert look at the work. In any case, artisans specializing in bathroom design can also provide advice to optimize space and offer an appropriate layout. The bathroom is a special room to be renovated that meets safety standards. Don’t neglect them.