Bathroom: the keys to a successful renovation

Bathroom renovation is a technical step that requires taking certain two essential aspects into account: space and equipment. A look back at these critical points to ensure the success of the renovation work. 

How to successfully renovate a bathroom? The transformation of this highly technical part requires proper planning in advance. Indeed, it is necessary to think about the layout of the water room as well as the choice of equipment: tiling or not, taps, and other things. A few ideas to better consider the renovation of your bathroom.

Bathroom renovation: choosing the right materials

The choice of materials is the other sensitive point in bathroom renovation projects. As it is a wet room, they must be resistant and if possible waterproof. The ideal solution for bathroom flooring is still tiling.

However, choosing this covering, both on the floor and on the walls does not necessarily mean that you can forget about specific decorative desires. Thanks to material imitation tiles, the tiling easily takes on the appearance of wood, concrete, and other more fragile materials! However, we should note that although the tiles may be very resistant, their implementation must be meticulous, especially in wet areas such as showers, bathtub and sink coats.

Careful installation, especially of the joints, is, therefore, necessary and it is strongly recommended to use a professional tiler if you are not a very skilled handyman. As far as the materials to be laid on the floor are concerned, other options than tiles are possible. Some floors are water-resistant, naturally or by treatment. Once again, a bathroom renovation specialist can advise you on the use of a type of flooring in the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation: optimizing space

When renovating a bathroom, don’t neglect the practicality of the bathroom. In a small bathroom, multiplying suspended or vertical storage helps to save space.

Small 35 cm basins placed on a piece of furniture are particularly suitable. In large spaces, we can install many comfort elements: traditional washbasin on a column for a retro style, a double basin for a duo use, design or traditional towel holder, bathtub with balneotherapy system.

In all cases, we must establish a specific plan. It takes into account the dimensions but also the water inlets, air vents, the direction of the openings. If the renovation of the bathroom is part of a renewal of the entire house, using an interior architect will give you an expert look at the work. In any case, artisans specializing in bathroom design can also provide advice to optimize space and offer an appropriate layout. The bathroom is a special room to be renovated that meets safety standards. Don’t neglect them.


10 ideas to decorate your spa

Having a spa at home means enjoying a privileged space at home. Good bye nuisances, muscular tensions and stress. Hello serenity and relaxation! As a haven of peace, your spa deserves a custom decoration to create the atmosphere that suits you and soothes you.

Here are 10 ideas to decorate your spa!

The Mediterranean earthenware wall

The Portuguese Azulejos mosaics, the Moroccan Zelliges, the Andalusian faiences… so many sunny inspirations that inspire us a dream hammam.

Tip: for more modernity, mix the earthenware with marble details.

The wooden ladder

To lay your fouta or your hammam sheet, the wooden ladder is the trendy and inexpensive detail of the moment. It can be used as a towel dryer and in combination with other spa accessories. The idea is to modulate the space in a practical and refined way, to stay in a place conducive to relaxation.

wooden ladder

Silver hammam bowls

The hammam and the spa are two worlds close by their use and their rituals. The silver hammam bowls, useful by nature, can be combined with candles and lanterns for a sifted atmosphere 100% chic.

Wooden walls

Natural and timeless, wood interferes with interior spas in style. In light or darker shades, it adapts to various decorative styles: bohemian, vegetal or ethnic for example.

Plants for a “jungle” atmosphere

Tropical plants, greasy plants, cacti… To decorate your spa, you can create your own garden of Eden by varying species and sizes.

Slate, ecological and Zen

Light grey, anthracite, black… slate is the promise of a natural and chic spa that lasts in humidity and allows a cosy atmosphere.

Stones and flowers for colour

Flowers floating, stones at the edge of the bathtub: in perspective, colour! For flowers, choose your favourite varieties and let them float as you wish. On the stone side, find out about the properties of the stones you have near your spa. For example, amber, pink quartz or white opal will have a radiation conducive to inner calm and comfort. On the contrary, citrine, jasper or sunstone are more likely to energize you.

wooden accessories

Wood accessories

The wood can interfere in your spa for a rustic and natural effect in the air of time! A bench, containers, a massage brush, candles, decorative objects… do not skimp on details!

The rustic soap basket

The 10 worst germs nests in the house

this sink could use some cleaning

From the kitchen sponge to the toothbrush to the TV remote control, the dirtiest place in the house is not necessarily the place you think it is. Here are ten objects that are best kept clean because they are known to harbor microorganisms of all kinds.

Toilets the dirtiest place in the house? Not necessarily… Kitchen, bathroom, and office can also accommodate an abundance of various microorganisms. We have selected ten objects that have been examined by scientists because they are rich in microbes.

The kitchen sponge

In 2017, a study published in Scientific Reports analyzed the microbiome present on kitchen sponges and found significant amounts of Acinetobacter, Moraxella and Chryseobacterium bacteria. Researchers suggest that kitchen sponges should be changed regularly, once a week.

The refrigerator

In 2013, a study looked for the places in the kitchen with the most germs. In front of kitchen utensils, the refrigerator appears as the main microbial nest, with its fruit and vegetable or meat compartments. It needs to be clean because micro-organisms in the refrigerator can contaminate food and lead to food poisoning.

crazy dirty house


In 2011, microbiologists from NSF, an American public health agency, studied germs in 22 families. Often participants thought the bathroom was the most at risk when in fact it was the kitchen. Scientists looked for coliform bacteria, a group of bacteria including Escherichia colour Salmonella, which can be a sign of fecal contamination. Sponges and rags were the most frequently contaminated objects in the kitchen in front of the sink.

The kitchen worktop

In the same study as before, after the sponge and sink in the kitchen, the work surface was the area most often contaminated with coliform bacteria.

The cutting board

In the same 2011 study, the cutting board was the fourth microbe nest in the kitchen after the sponges, sink, and worktop.

The toothbrush

In the 2011 NSF study, toothbrushes were the most frequently contaminated objects in the bathroom, in front of gloves.


In 2013, an American study showed that children’s stuffed animals are fearsome bacteria nests. 80% of the stuffed animals tested had dangerous germs: pneumococci!

The remote control of the television

Touched by all the fingers of the household, the remote control is also an object capable of collecting micro-organisms. In the same Virginia University study, remote controls were 50% contaminated with germs.

The computer keyboard

A 2009 study of university computer keyboards showed that those used by different people are particularly at risk. The authors recommend cleaning keyboards regularly, especially if several people use them.

This cooling paint will revolutionize life on Earth and Space.

amazing home renovations

The painting that transforms the sun into air conditioning is the discovery that researchers have made. The more sunshine it receives, the more it refreshes the walls. All this without electricity. We explain the concept to you.

Improve your interior

What if the Sun becomes an air conditioner?

both earth and spaceThis is the question that can be asked with this high-tech paint that cools down when exposed to sunlight. It cools the interior of your home by repelling the rays emitted by the Sun. In hot regions, such as North Africa or Greece, this millennial practice makes it possible, by reflecting sunlight, to air-condition the interior of buildings, especially during the height of summer.

The company that developed this product is Israeli and is called SolCold. The innovation takes the form of a coating that can be painted on the roofs of buildings, which is then activated by the sun.

Painting a known method for cooling

If this technology developed by SolCold is a first in the building industry, the technology itself is not at a standstill. Recently, American authorities used this paint to cool urban centers. In Los Angeles, for example, roads were coated with white paint to help cool the area as record temperatures skyrocketed.

Cooling all buildings in this way would save a lot of money. This paint can drop the temperature of a room by 10° in direct sunlight! It means that in summer, we will need less cooling and therefore we will save energy.

Earth and Space

new generation cooling paintsThe use of paint could not be limited to our planet: it could solve the major challenge of cooling objects in space. It may seem counter-intuitive given the freezing temperatures, but the problem is that there is no air to evacuate heat from an object.

Currently, the ISS uses a reflective fabric to avoid sunlight and internal heat exchangers to remove excess heat produced by the equipment. This technology could satisfy life on Earth and in space.

However, it is not yet marketed. But we already know it won’t be cheap. It will cost about 400$ per 100 square meters. That is 3 to 4 times more than a traditional exterior paint. But the prices of this ecological and economic innovation are expected to drop rapidly.

6 Factors to Consider When Choosing Steam Cleaners

cleaning carpets is a tedious task

In this era, many people have shifted to steam cleaning since it is a fast way for keeping homes grime and dirt free. Steam cleaning is ideal for people with asthma and allergies as it uses water and heat to produce steam that removes dirt from non-heat sensitive surfaces thus does not cause respiratory problems.

Also, steam cleaners can be a good deal to help you save a lot of money for a long term. It is a good strategy for mould removal, and it’s non-toxic. Therefore, it is important to have a steam cleaner at home.

Here are some of the factors to consider when selecting a steam cleaner.

• Accessories

Steam cleaners come with accessories and attachments to be used on different surfaces.
These accessories help to sanitise different areas in the most convenient way. There are brands that offer more attachment and accessories.

Choose a brand which is of high quality and whose accessories can help you save a lot of cash because you will not have to buy them separately. If you intend to use your steam cleaner for a large number of spaces, items, and surfaces, then consider the accessories that come with the particular model.

See to it that the cleaner has the functionality or accessories that are in line with the purpose you intend to use it for.

• Size

karsher steam cleaner
Karsher steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are of different shapes, sizes, and weight.
There are those which are handheld while others are used as commercial units.
The size and shape vary from one model to another. Before you make a purchase, check out the cleaner’s dimensions and weight.

Knowing the overall weight and size will help you choose a comfortable cleaner for your household needs. Additionally, get to know where you will store the equipment before you buy it. Ensure there is enough space to keep it when you are not using it.

• Water and tank size

Water is a necessity for a steam cleaner to produce steam continuously. If you choose a steam cleaner, then you will be required to refill it with water more often. You might be required to refill even when you have not finished your cleaning job.

A larger water tank takes longer. However, they take more time to heat up. Compare different models and choose that whose size of water tank meets your preferences. Handheld cleaners and steam mops have smaller water tanks and do not take long to heat up.

• Cost

Cleaners come in different prices. The choice you make will have an influence on your price range. As such, you will need to have a budget. For instance, you can buy steam mops and handheld steam cleaners at reasonable prices.

Large steamers like cylinder cleaners are very pricey though they can be used for a variety of tasks and they might enable you to save time and money on cleaning products. Let your decision be guided by how often you intend to use the cleaner. Go for a nicer unit if you plan to do the cleaning often.

• Ease of use

It is easier to work with a lighter cleaner than a heavier one. However, you need to keep in mind that larger cleaners provide deeper cleaning than medium ones.

You must address this issue before you consider settling on a particular model. It is advisable to choose a larger device if you want equipment to provide a deep cleaning.

• Combination models

Some models mix two cleaners in one. For instance, there are steam mops that have a handheld steam cleaner.

Such cleaners that combine two models are ideal if you want to save on storage space in your closet. If you want tout savoir sur les nettoyeurs vapeur visit this Twitter account of Mon Nettoyeur

Adding Value to your Home

remodelling ideas for your sale

Today we go over a few ways you can add value to your house of residence if you are looking to sell it.

When selling real estate, it all comes down to the added value and the Return On Investment you expect.

The Importance of Roofing

When renovating a house, you want to make sure you get the foundations right (and by foundations I mean the roof and the ground work).

A roof in working order is essential and you should always consider energy efficiency when upgrading your existing roof. Proper maintenance and plumbing helps as you want to make sure your roof can withstand harsh elements!

You can play with different materials to give your house a different look and feel for the potential buyer.

Bathroom and toilets

The bathroom is the place where we spend the most time in a house (with the bedroom of course) and is a great way to add value to your house.

Having a well designed and enjoyable bathroom is going to incredibly increase the ROI on your sale.

You can expect to add an extra 10 to 20 percent value to your home by renovating your bathroom or shower and using quality materials.


The kitchen is seen as the hearth of your home and will greatly impact the reselling price as some buyers base their offer on it.

You can change your flooring and benchtops, upgrade your appliances or furniture. Bigger remodelling jobs would include working your your kitchen layout, upgrading the plumbing and electricity and materials!

Outdoor area

The outside area, whether it is a balcony, a deck or a patio will add a special touch to your property and make it rather unique in the buyers eyes!


Browse through the following infographic to know more:

The price of Furniture Removals: What You Need to Know.

Removals are always a very cumbersome process that requires time, effort and a great capacity for organization. Not in vain, the transport of your belongings can be rather delicate, and more if it is an office with lots of files and important documents. Consequently, it is best to leave the process in the hands of professionals.

When approaching a relocation, many people tend to be worried, and, we tend to get many questions related to moving prices. For this reason, we will give you a set of keys so you can overtake what you’ll need to spend and, furthermore, know where you can save some cash in the process, which certainly never hurt…

Obviously, the complexity of the move will depend on factors such as the size of the place, the number of items to be transported or the distance between the point of origin and destination. In the latter case, it is not uncommon to proceed to rent a storage room or small stores to deposit most of the items from the old place.

However, this is not the only thing to consider the volume of housing, and the objects should be taken into account as well as other factors that will determine prices of the move. For example, the number of workers that will be needed for this purpose, the type of objects to be transported. However, also the ease of disassembling the various furniture and the ease of access to the home and the area in which you are located.

With the factors mentioned above you will be able to get an idea of how much a moving will cost although there are still more things to factor in. Thus, the first of them is the existence or not of an elevator in the house, something that will lower the budget because of its convenience. Finally, the packing of objects is also crucial since if you make it you can save the payment of this service.

In short, these are the main factors that will determine the moving prices, so if you have them in mind from the beginning you’ll get a pretty good idea of how much it can cost you. Something that will save you headaches and worries that, in addition, will help you get organized conveniently.

Whatever it is, just hiring any moving company will not prevent you from running into troubles. The transfer of tables, chairs, cabinets and other items does not present major drawback, but with the right professionals you will make sure all possible setbacks are covered. Obviously, it is common for homeowners to join the moving team to give directions and indicate how you want the furniture to be arranged. This way the comfort and tranquility may be greater.