White tile in the bathroom is chic and cheap


Laying white tiles in the bathroom can create an original and trendy decoration. Earthenware and white tiles offer a lot of possibilities. There are many types and sizes: small mosaic, large rectangle or square tile, wall or floor tiles, etc. You can also add a color seal to give it a nice twist.

The price is another advantage to choose a white tile for the bathroom as it is the cheapest kind of tile.

Here are a few ideas:


white tile bathroom

Mosaic white floor with black joints, small white tiles with a black frieze on the walls

white-bathroomwhite bathroom tile

Rectangle and square white tile wall with black frieze

 white yellow tile

  Square white tile with yellow joints to bring a colorful touch

red white

A simple red tile frieze works perfectly in a white bathroom

 White tile in the bathroom are not boring, it can even be very design. You can go for the all-white bathroom from floor to ceiling for a very minimal decoration or create contrasts with floor and ceiling. To make the bathroom a little more colorful, you can also choose different colors for the joints, like yellow, blue, red, black, etc.

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