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How to Install Wall Tile


tile-wallYou want to install tiles on your bathroom walls and you have no idea where to begin?  This article is made for you.

Laying ceramic tiles on walls or on floor is not much different.

For tiling floors or walls, you will need:
– a suitable adhesive according to your tiles
– a handful of spacers
– a good spirit level
– tiles

Method for tiling a wall

First of all, you must prepare the surface that will receive the wall tiles: If paint, wallpaper or other coating is still present on the wall, you should remove it and clean it. Once the wall is cleaned, make sure there is no crack. If the cracks are larger than 4 or 5mm, fill them up with a coating or a plaster according to the size of the cracks. If the walls are perfectly smooth, just apply a simple primer to lay tiles. This primer will allow the perfect adhesion of the adhesive and floor tiles.

Tiling a bathroom often can cause moisture infiltration problems. Thus, if the walls are porous, you should apply a suitable special treatment of several layers of insulation before applying any paint or tiles. If the walls are really damaged, it is recommended to double them with plasterboard.
If the tiles are installed in a shower cubicle, it is better to strengthen the walls with water-repellent plates that ensure perfect sealing of the walls.

Once the walls are clean, smooth and isolated with the primer, the second step of the wall tiling is to draw lines of the future tiles position using a plumb line and a cord. Drawing perpendicular lines defines a guide line that will help you to install the tiles.

Choose a tile adhesive according to the wall cover

On plastered walls, better to use a glue paste or mortar. On walls made of brick or cement, use a thin-bed mortar.
Glue application: the mortar is applied horizontally, up and down with a notched trowel. Notched trowel bring consistency on the wall and thus prevents the overloading of glue.

Tips to intile wallstall wall tile easily

To ensure the tile is laid straight and square:

– Simulate the laying starting from the top tiles. Do not forget to include the thickness of the joints. This simulation will also tell you how many tiles will have to be cut.
– Draw a line level at the last full tile at the bottom of the wall. Remember to take into account the thickness of the seal!
– Attach a horizontal batten on the line as a guide to the first row of tiles.
– Attach a vertical batten or draw a line that will be used as a benchmark for the leveling.
– Press and place firmly the first tile against the wall pasted starting from the right angle formed by the two battens.
– Gently tap the tile with a rubber mallet to stick it on the wall.
– Place the spacers between each tile to have equal width joints.
– Once the first row is complete, make sure that no tile exceeds.
If this is the case, tap it gently with a mallet and a piece of batten.

Tip for purchasing tile

To buy the right amount of tile, measure the surface to be tiled, look at the number of square meters contained in a package, you’ll have the number of packs to buy. Allow 5% more for the potential loss or breaks. Do not forget to take into account the thickness of the joints.

If you want to install wall tile by yourself, here are some decorating ideas for your bathroom.